v2.10 – Release Notes

v2.10 – Release Notes

New features:

  • The following workloads are now included in the Azure DocKit Documentation:
    • Recovery Service Vault (Preview)
    • Management Locks (Preview)
  • The following workloads have been improved:
    • Azure Database (now includes information like Failover)
    • Virtual Networks (Diagrams now includes NSG, Route Table & Connected Devices)
    • App Services Diagrams (display VNet connections)
    • Virtual Machine Diagrams (display Managed Disks)
  • Azure DocKit now supports multiple subscriptions documentation (in preview) to support scenarios like hub/spoke architecture

Bug Fixes:

  • EA Billing not always rendered properly
  • EA Billing with Automation Mode
  • Typo in Azure DocKit support email during buying process
  • Display of App Service Plan multiple times
  • Document DB Filtering issue
  • Filters that do not apply to billing
  • Picture scaling issue in word documents
  • Filters not working for Classic Resources
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