Visio Diagrams

Azure DocKit contains rich diagrams like dependency diagrams, summary diagrams and components diagrams.

Executive Summary

Azure DocKit automatically generates an Executive Summary Email that contains high level information including billing and changes.

Track Changes / Compare

Azure DocKit can save a snapshot of your current environment and give you detail information about the changes.

Custom Documentation

Azure DocKit features a Word Add-In to allow you to enter your own content to add more value to the documentation.


Azure DocKit can be scheduled and hosted in your environment to automatically generate reports and track changes.

Customizable Template

Azure DocKit Templates are fully customizable : you can change your logo, add text, remove sections, change colors….

Full Assessment

Azure DocKit comes with many Rules that are used to do a Full Assessment of your Azure Environment (Best Practices, Security, Billing...).

Security & Permissions

Azure DocKit contains a report with all the users permissions and the resources where security is not inherited.

Trial Available

Azure DocKit has a free Trial Version. You can test the product right now on your subscription.